Worthed Introduces “World War II” for Spring/Summer 2013 Collection



From young clothing brand based in Surabaya Worthed recently introduced their latest collection for spring and summer 2013 with World War II. For this collection, they want to let the world know that the World War II was one of the greatest war in history. A war when each faction fought for victory of each others vision of the future world. 

A war when the loser and the winner both suffered from the darkness of a horrific part of world history. But the world did not lose hope. A hope for a better future that came around the world and the result of this hope is a much better world like we can see now.

This war told us to never give up for a better future. With hope we can change our future from nothing to something and without it there is no future to look forward. Along with those sentimental words, they also presents several unique pieces mostly using camouflage pattern for men and women. For more story from this recent collection feel free to visit their site.






sumber : http://redandwhitemag.com/2013/06/worthed-introduces-world-war-ii-for-springsummer-2013-collection/


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